About This Site

Welcome to the Mastertronic Collectors Archive. This website is dedicated to the budget video games company launched in April 1984, their games and everything associated with them. Here you’ll find reviews, features, interviews with the names behind the games, articles, and much more.

The idea for the site came from a conversation I had with Anthony Guter, former Financial Controller for Mastertronic. He had been running a website dedicated to the history of the company which he started in 2004 and continued to update until 2016. A change in circumstances lead to him approaching me and asking if I was interested in taking over running the site. Naturally as a lifelong Mastertronic fan, I felt honoured but wanted to do his site and work justice…

After some discussions, it was clear how Anthony wanted his site to be preserved but at the same time I felt that it was an opportunity to expand on the work he had done. So in addition to the historical look at the company, we’re adding the additional content mentioned earlier including reviews looking at all the games released by the company, bringing you checklists and even looking at the modern Mastertronic Group.

Anythony’s website was huge, spanning almost 200 pages of content, so please bear with us as we transfer this over to our site. We want to make sure everything is linked properly, is mobile friendly (as Anthony wanted from the new site) and where possible has updated visuals so we can bring you the most comprehensive website dedicated to Mastertronic.

Anyway, enjoy the site and please feel free to get in touch using the Contact Form if you have any comments or suggestions!

Simon Plumbe, Site Editor