Mastertronic Covermounted Games Checklist

Over the years, a vast number of Mastertronic games have been given away for a range of 8-bit and 16-it formats. Included as part of covertapes and coverdisks with most popular magazines in the 1980s and 1990s, these covermounts were a huge part of the games industry when magazines were fighting for supremacy in the publishing industry.

Eventually a voluntary ban came into force against full-priced games being included on the cover of magazines, but for a while it was a great time to be a gamer where even all of Mastertronic’s ranges were appearing on the newsstands at an even lower price point. Here we’ll try to bring you a breakdown of as many of these as we can find along with details of what Mastertronic related titles are on each tape/disk.

Updated: 7th May 2024

Amstrad ActionCommodore AnswersCommodore UserYour CommodoreZzap
CrashSinclair UserYour Sinclair

Amstrad Action

Commodore Answers

Issue Content Format(s) Cover Scan
Issue 1 Aqua
Screenshot rolling demo
Commodore 64

Commodore Answers was a continuation of the magazine Computer Answers. Published quarterly, it only lasted for a short while after launch. This was its only covertape but for reasons which were not explained in the magazine itself, it was not available in the London area. Instead, readers were asked to cut out part of the cover and send it off for a copy of the cassette.

Commodore User

Date Content Format(s) Cover Scan
February 1989 Sidewinder
Silkworm (demo)

Your Commodore

Date Content Format(s) Cover Scan
January 1990 Finders Keepers
February 1990 Ninja
Pipeline 2
March 1990 Action Biker


Issue Content Cover Scan
August 1989 Nonterraqueous
September 1989 Rockman
January 1990 Action Biker

Sinclair User

Your Sinclair

Issue Content Cover Scan
Issue 58,
October 1990
Feud (Bulldog)
Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s Super Off-Road Racer (demo) (Virgin Mastertronic)
Rebel (Ricochet)
Tau Ceti (Ricochet)
Issue 65,
May 1991
How To Be A Complete Bastard (Ricochet)
Tir Na Nog (Rebound)

ZZap 64/Amiga

We will be expanding this over time with more magazines, cover art and links to titles featured.

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