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The Vic 20 was one of the formats supported by Mastertronic right from the start. Many of the early systems received support right until the company’s demise. But the Vic 20 only saw releases for the first two years, and while most collectors believed the Vic 20 range to consist of 17 titles, we present here the list of all 18…

Updated: 3rd June 2024

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Number Title Author Memory Sales Cover Art
IV0001 Duck Shoot Shaun Southern
Mark J Brady (cover)
Unexpanded 53,210 Mastertronic - Duck Shoot Vic 20
IV0002 Vegas Jackpot Mr Chip Software
Mark J Brady (cover)
Unexpanded 48,115 Mastertronic - Vegas Jackpot - Vic 20
IV0011 Phantom Attack Mark Srebalius
Mark J Brady (cover)
Unexpanded 45,210 Mastertronic - Phantom Attack - Vic 20
IV0012 3D Maze Richard Darling
Mark J Brady (cover)
Unexpanded 43,834 Mastertronic - 3D Maze - Vic 20
IV0019 Space Scramble Mark J Brady (cover) Unexpanded 39,961 Mastertronic - Space Scramble - Vic 20
IV0023 Hektik Kelvin Hepburn
John Smyth (cover)
8k/16k Expansion 20,728 Mastertronic - Hektik Vic 20
IV0026 Sub Hunt Mark J Brady (cover) Unexpanded 33,718 Mastertronic - Sub Hunt - Vic 20
IV0029 Undermine John Smyth (cover) Unexpanded 48,489 Mastertronic - Undermine Vic 20
IV0031 Psycho Shopper A.R.W.
John Smyth (cover)
8k/16k Expansion 42,383 Mastertronic - Psycho Shopper Vic 20
IV0032 Neutron Zapper Galactic Software
Mark J Brady (cover)
Unexpanded 36,015 Mastertronic - Neutron Zapper Vic 20
IV0033 Bullet Mark J Brady (cover) Unexpanded 45,415 Mastertronic - Bullet Vic 20
IV0034 New York Blitz Mark J Brady (cover) Unexpanded 39,172 Mastertronic - New York Blitz Vic 20
IV0059 Doodle Bug Mark J Brady (cover) Unexpanded 31,241 Mastertronic - Doodle Bug Vic 20
IV0067 RIP Mark Srebalius Unexpanded 29,565 Mastertronic - RIP - Vic 20
IV0068 Rockman Mark and S Srebalius
John Smyth (cover)
Unexpanded 29,987 Mastertronic - Rockman Vic 20
IV0075 King Tut John Ferrari Unexpanded 26,578 Mastertronic - King Tut - Vic 20
IV0085 Crazy Cavey Stuart Cross
John Smyth (cover)
Unexpanded 20,941 Mastertronic - Crazy Cavey Vic 20
N/A The Games Designer Richard and David Darling Unexpanded N/A Mastertronic - The Games Designer (Front) - Vic 20


The Games Designer was originally released on the Darling’s own label Galactic Software. It was distributed via Mastertronic after an arrangement was set up to establish a new partnership, AI Products although very little came of the deal. The Games Designer itself was later ported to the Commodore 64 and released through Mastertronic, Mirrorsoft and Codemasters, where it was re-branded as Creations. It was not released as part of the “310” range, but instead released as a standalone title.

This Vic 20 checklist will be updated as we add author credits and more information on individual titles.

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