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Mastertronic supported all four of Commodore’s 8-bit systems and unlike the Vic 20, most of their ranges had something for the Commodore 16 and Plus4. Thanks to the likes of Shaun Southern and Tony Kelly, the system was provided with a healthy range of games long after many others were abandoned…

Updated: 16th February 2024


Number Title Author Cover Art
2C0002 Vegas Jackpot Shaun Southern
Mark J Brady (cover)
C16 - Vegas Jackpot
2C0003 Squirm Tony Kelly
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Squirm
2C0007 BMX Racers Tony Kelly
Mark J Brady (cover)
2C0021 Spectipede Tony Kelly
2C0023 Hektik Martin Ellis
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Hektik
2C0056 Kikstart Shaun Southern
Mark J Brady (cover)
C16 - Kikstart
2C0057 More Adventures of Big Mac: The Mad Maintenance Man Tony Kelly
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Big Mac
2C0058 Formula 1 Simulator Shaun Southern C16 - Formula 1 Simulator
2C0059 Finders Keepers Adrian Sheppard
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Finders Keepers
2C0068 Rockman Mark Srebalius
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Rockman
2C0089 One Man And His Droid Martin Sexton
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - One Man and His Droid
2C0092 Tutti Frutti Shaun Southern C16 - Tutti Frutti
2C0096 Kane John Smyth (cover)
2C0103 Mr Puniverse Tony Kelly
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Mr Puniverse
2C0111 The Return Of Rockman David Kivlin C16 - The Return Of Rockman
USAC0113 Las Vegas Video Poker Robert Henderson
2C0114 Speed King Shaun Southern
2C0115 The Exploits Of Fingers Malone Doug Turner
2C0117 Street Olympics Patrick Strassen
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Street Olympics
2C0119 Molecule Man Icon Design
2C0120 Oblido Probe Software
2C0123 Storm Jim Bagley C16 - Storm
2C0131 Video Meanies Tony Kelly
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Video Meanies
2C0133 P.O.D. (Proof Of Destruction) Shaun Southern
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - POD
2C0142 Powerball Patrick Strassen
John Smyth (cover)
C16 - Powerball
2C0146 Gun Law Richard Clark
2C0147 Master Chess Phase Two C16 - Master Chess
2C0148 Prospector Pete Doug Turner
2C0158 Megabolts Stuart Cross
2C0173 Battle Ken Smith C16 - Battle
2C0175 Frenesis Tony Takoushi
2C0184 GWNN Patrick Strassen C16 - GWNN
2C0192 Xadium Michaelangelo Pignani
2C0194 Starforce Nova Ray Tredoux and Chris Harvey
2C0197 On Cue Sean du Bray C16 - On Cue
BC2214 * Spore Jim Bagley C16 - On Cue
2C2250 * Dingbat Shaun Southern C16 - Dingbat
2C0255 C16 Compilation Shaun Southern
2C0309 Fighting Warrior Beam Software
(first published by Melbourne House)
C16 - Fighting Warrior

Mastertronic’s Added Dimension (MAD)

Number Title Author Cover Art
MAD12 Bandits At Zero Shaun Southern C16 - Bandits At Zero


Number Title Author Original Publisher Cover Art
RC2018 Way Of The Exploding Fist Beam Software Melbourne House


Title Author Original Publisher Cover Art
Beach Head US Gold Americana - Beach Head - Commodore 16
Dizasterblaster Shaun Southern
Questprobe: Spider-Man Scott Adams Adventure International Americana - Questprobe Spider-Man - Commodore 16
Questprobe featuring The Hulk Scott Adams Adventure International Americana - Questprobe ft The Hulk - Commodore 16
Robo Knight Peter J Bartlett


The Entertainment USA branding changed the prefix from 2C to USAC but the numbering system remained intact. The same applied to Bulldog where the prefix changed to BC.

Dingbat was misnumbered on the spine as 2C2250 instead of the correct number which should have read 2C0250. A similar problem occured with Spore which was incorrectly numbered BC2214 when it should have been BC0214. However, in this instance we believe that the Commodore 16 prefix for the Bulldog range may have been BC2 leading to some confusion. So instead of the game being numbered BC20214 (retaining the same numbering as the other formats), the 0 was omitted leaving confusion.

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