Ricochet Game Checklist


Ricochet was the first budget re-release label to be launched by Mastertronic. It featured games licensed primarily from Martech, Activision, and Melbourne House.

Updated: 2nd March 2024

Number Title Formats Cover Art
001 Geoff Capes Strongman C64, Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC Ricochet - Geoff Capes Strong Man
002 Gisburne’s Castle BBC
003 Crazy Comets C64 Crazy Comets
004 Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge C64, Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC, MSX
005 Eddie Kidd’s Jump Challenge C64, Spectrum, BBC, MSX
006 Outlaws C64 Outlaws
007 Dragonskulle C64 Dragonskulle
008 Blackwyche C64 Blackwyche
009 Jetpac Spectrum, BBC
010 Knight Lore Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC
011 Alien 8 Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC
012 Nightshade Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC
013 Action Reflex Spectrum
014 Sabre Wulf Amstrad
015 Knuckle Busters C64, Spectrum
016 Judge Dredd C64 Judge Dredd
017 Bazooka Bill C64 Bazooka Bill
018 Way Of The Exploding Fist C64, C16, Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC
019 Skate Rock Simulator C64, Amstrad
020 The Eidolon C64, Spectrum, Amstrad
021 Ghostbusters C64, Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari Ghostbusters cover art
022 Trailblazer C64, Spectrum, Amstrad
023 Ballblazer C64, Spectrum, Amstrad Ricochet - Ballblazer
024 ??
025 Starquake C64, Spectrum, Amstrad Starquake
026 5th Quadrant C64, Spectrum, Amstrad
027 Aliens C64, Spectrum, Amstrad
028 Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future C64, Spectrum, Amstrad Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future
029 ??
030 Impossible Mission C64, Spectrum/Amstrad Impossible Mission
031 Little Computer People C64, Atari ST, Amiga Little Computer People
032 ??
033 Hacker C64, Spectrum/Amstrad, Atari ST, Amiga, PC
034 FA Cup Football C64, Spectrum/Amstrad
035 Tau Ceti C64, Spectrum/Amstrad Tau Ceti
036 The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole C64, Spectrum/Amstrad
037 Jet Set Willy: The Final Frontier C64, Spectrum/Amstrad
038 Rock ‘n’ Bolt C64 Rock N Bolt
039 Knightmare C64, Spectrum/Amstrad
040 X-15 Alpha Mission C64 X-15 Alpha Mission
041 ??
042 Erebus C64 Erebus
043 How To Be A Complete Bastard C64, Spectrum/Amstrad How to be a Complete Bastard
044 Rebel C64, Spectrum
045 Dan Dare II: Mekon’s Revenge C64, Spectrum/Amstrad Dan Dare II
046 Tempest Spectrum/Amstrad
047 Toy Bizarre C64, Spectrum Toy Bizarre

The later games in the range (30 onwards) featured “Flippy” cassettes for the Spectrum and Amstrad. These had both formats on a single cassette, presumably to save production costs.


Numbering format for the Ricochet range has a two letter prefix plus the numbers in the table above. The letters represent the platform the game is released on. These are: RC (Commodore 64), RC2 (Commodore 16), RS (ZX Spectrum), RA (Amstrad), RB (BBC/Electron), RSA or RAS (Spectrum/Amstrad Flippy), RT (Atari, Atari ST), RX (MSX), RM (Amiga).

Missing Games

There are four gaps in the list where we are unable to officially identify games in the range, although this list is in fact complete. As with most Mastertronic ranges, there are gaps in the lists which we assume are cancelled titles or simply discrepancies in the numbering system. However, we have been able to identify these missing games through some careful digging…

Mastertronic released a number of catalogues with details of upcoming releases, many of which mentioned upcoming titles for the Ricochet range that are not listed here. These “missing games” are Transformers, Past Finder and Fighting Warrior. Each title subsequently ended up in the main range but it is notable that all three of them are re-releases from companies that Mastertronic licensed games from for the Ricochet label. In addition, copies of both Transformers and Past Finder have been seen “in the wild” featuring Ricochet branded cassettes.

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