ZX Spectrum Mastertronic Checklist

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was one of the biggest platforms supported by the original Mastertronic company. Titles were released right from the company’s launch in April 1984, right through to the merger with Virgin and across all the different labels, even more than its main rival, the Commodore 64.

Because of the sheer number of games released, we will be splitting this over a large number of pages and it will be split into labels as well. It will take time to complete this so please bear with us so we’ll be adding titles to this over time…

Updated: 22nd May 2024


Number Title Author Sales Cover Art
IS0002 Vegas Jackpot Mark J Brady (cover) 31,632
IS0005 Bullseye Mark J Brady (cover) 39,130
IS0006 Space Walk Andrew Gosling,
Mark J Brady (cover)
IS0007 BMX Racers Mark J Brady (cover) 98,342
IS0008 Tank Trax Mark J Brady (cover) 31,705
IS0009 Gnasher Mark J Brady (cover) 44,179
IS0015 Whodunnit Barry Jones,
John Smyth (cover)
IS0020 Alien Kill Mark J Brady (cover) 23,884
IS0021 Spectipede Mark J Brady (cover) 43,177
IS0024 Voyage Into The Unknown Amoeba Software 23,826
IS0027 Election 20,060
IS0028 Rifle Range Andrew Foord, Peter Foord,
Mark J Brady (cover)
IS0036 Chiller Richard Wright 61,230
IS0037 Alcatraz Harry Barry Jones,
John Smyth (cover)
IS0042 Magic Carpet Andrew Gosling 20,979
IS0045 Viper III 26,269
IS0049 Apollo 2 26,073
IS0050 The Adventures Of St Bernard 6,205
IS0051 Chuckman Mark J Brady (cover) 25,211
IS0052 Wizard’s Warrior 30,617
IS0054 The Quest For The Holy Grail 24,263
IS0058 Formula 1 Simulator 138,161
IS0059 Finders Keepers David Jones,
John Smyth (cover)
IS0060 1985: The Day After Mark J Brady (cover) 24,184
IS0065 Type-Rope With Mistertronic 10,738
IS0068 Rockman 29,713
IS0070 Locomotion John Smyth (cover) 34,428
IS0071 Play Hotch Potch With Mistertronic 11,410
IS0076 The Empire Fights Back Mark J Brady (cover) 74,774
IS0077 Action Biker John Smyth (cover) 95,692
IS0077 Action Biker (sample copy) John Smyth (cover) N/A
IS0078 Nonterraqueous Mark J Brady (cover) 41,534
IS0080 Specventure 16,352
IS0081 Jason’s Gems John Smyth (cover) 40,079
IS0084 Caves Of Doom 41,228
IS0089 One Man And His Droid John Smyth (cover) 46,921
IS0090 Soul Of A Robot 41,315
IS0095 Zzzz John Smyth (cover) 19,502
IS0096 Kane John Smyth (cover) 50,185
IS0100 Incredible Shrinking Fireman John Smyth (cover) 58,167
IS0101 Devil’s Crown 49,267
IS0104 Kentilla 18,820

This list will be expanded shortly…


Ricochet was Mastertronic’s first label dedicated to re-releases and covered games primarily from Martech, Ultimate, Virgin, Melbourne House and Activision. Four titles are currently missing and unknown from the range. Titles with the RAS prefix are “flippy” releases with the Spectrum and Amstrad versions on the same cassette.

Number Title Original Publisher Sales Cover Art
RS001 Geoff Capes Strongman Martech 15,983
RS004 Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge Martech 14,794
RS005 Eddie Kidd’s Jump Challenge Martech 17,347
RS009 Jet Pac Ultimate 12,794
RS010 Knight Lore Ultimate 9,294
RS011 Alien 8 Ultimate 9,256
RS012 Nightshade Ultimate 7,690
RS013 Action Reflex Mirrorsoft 8,941
RS015 Knuckle Busters Melbourne House 18,210
RS018 Way Of The Exploding Fist Melbourne House 63,564
RS020 The Eidolon Activision 3,216
RS021 Ghostbusters Activision 168,626 Ghostbusters cover art
RS022 Trailblazer Gremlin Graphics 7,619
RS023 Ballblazer Activision 6,004
RS025 Starquake Bubble Bus 3,872
RS026 5th Quadrant Bubble Bus 3,965
RS027 Aliens Electric Dreams 22,226
RS028 Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future Virgin Games 38,813
RAS030 Impossible Mission US Gold 18,816
RAS033 Hacker Activision 10,457
RAS034 FA Cup Football Virgin Games 59,224
RAS035 Tau Ceti CRL 7,239
RAS036 The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole Virgin Games 13,234
RAS037 Jet Set Willy: The Final Frontier Software Projects 31,986
RAS039 Knightmare Activision 59,013
RAS043 How To Be A Complete Bastard Virgin Games 5,526
RS044 Rebel Activision 9,169
RAS045 Dan Dare II: Mekon’s Revenge Virgin Games 20,613
RAS046 Tempest Electric Dreams 7,686
RS047 Toy Bizarre Activision 5,708

The later games in the range (30 onwards) featured “Flippy” cassettes for the Spectrum and Amstrad. These had both formats on a single cassette, presumably to save production costs.


This was Mastertronic’s first spin-off label. The range, priced at £2.99, was intended to promote games of a higher quality than the regular £1.99 Mastertronic range. New styling was introduced with pop art style covers, with a new numbering system providing each game with its own unique number, even for different formats.

It only lasted for a short while, before being revised briefly as the “MADC” range for a secondary run of titles. Additional games were later released bearing the MAD branding (and also MAD X) but the final two uses of the name were incorporated into the main Mastertronic line. The name would later resurface when the company was relaunched by the Mastertronic Group.

Number Title Author Sales Cover Art
MAD 2 Spellbound David Jones 60,861
MAD 8 Knight Tyme (128k version) David Jones 7,403
MAD 14 Sport Of Kings 27,660
MAD 15 Knight Tyme David Jones 32,772
MAD 16 Con-Quest 20,712
MAD 17 Master Of Magic 15,537
MAD 23 Spellbound (128k version) David Jones 2,301

As with most Mastertronic ranges, there are numbers where no games are known or are allocated to other formats so these are not included here.


This was the second Mastertronic Added Dimension range and only ran for 8 releases before the label was absorbed into the main range. We believe that it was originally set up to re-release games from publisher Creative Sparks (hence the C in the prefix), but this changed after the first few releases.

Number Title Author Sales Cover Art
MADC 2 Delta Wing 22,853
MADC 6 180 75,906


  • There are a few gaps in every range where no games seem to be on record. This seems to be a common issue and we assume that this is where games were planned for release but were cancelled.
  • Other gaps in the numbering are those that are used by games released on other platforms.
  • There are also instances where there are multiple games released with the same number, or games were incorrectly numbered by Mastertronic’s design company Words And Pictures. This has resulted in additional gaps in the numbering that can be explained by games simply being “shifted” out of place.

We will be expanding these lists continually over time with additional Spectrum ranges, more details, cover art and links to reviews.

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