Mastervision Checklist Gets A Step Closer To Completion

Mastervision Logo

As you will be aware, one of the most difficult Mastertronic ranges for us to have tracked down has been their VHS label Mastervision. With no official records existing, we’ve had to assemble our own list from painstaking online searches. We have spent years so far searching online retailers, tracking countless reverse image searches… every possible method and have still only identified what we believe to be two-thirds of the range.

Well, today a new music video has emerged on eBay – Tom Jones: Live In Las Vegas. It’s a live concert recording, which we believe to be one filmed some time in the 1970s and accompanied an album of the same name (not released by Mastertronic). We don’t have the catalogue number yet but it will be added to our list when the tape arrives in the next few days and a cover scan soon afterwards.

This is the second Tom Jones tape in the set, the other being An Evening With Tom Jones. It’s unusual for two music videos from the same artist in such a small range but this may lead to other discoveries from the same original publisher.


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