Mastertronic Collectors Archive Wishlist

Mastertronic Collectors Archive Wishlist

The Mastertronic Collectors Archive is intended to be an ever-evolving and growing website. While the concept started as a plan to preserve the work done by Anthony Guter and to keep his old website alive, it’s already grown beyond that. Instead of just being a carbon copy of Anthony’s historical story of the company, we wanted this site to be much more than that.

We’ve already started to add original articles, game reviews, checklists and original features but we’re going to be bringing you a LOT more in the months and years to come. But this is going to be your site just as much as it is ours. This section here will list some of our upcoming plans and content, but also give you the opportunity to suggest ideas to us for what you’d like to see.

Ultimately we hope that this wishlist will give you an idea of what to expect in the near future and what our long term plans are for the growth of the site. If you have any ideas for content you’d like to see on the site, get in touch using our Contact Form.

Updated: 6th November 2023

Planned Content

Feature Description Target Date
Anthony Guter’s Mastertronic website Finish transfer of all remaining content from Anthony Guter’s Mastertronic website November 2023
Publications Section New section featuring scans of Mastertronic catalogues and other related paperwork November 2023
Americana Checklist Checklist of every Americana release across all formats December 2023
Bulldog Checklist A mini checklist of this sub-set of the main Mastertronic range December 2023
Mark J Brady Interview Interview with one of Mastertronic’s leading cover artists TBC

All of the above is in addition to our regular game reviews, one-off articles, press coverage and more!

Completed Projects

Planned content will be listed here once we’ve finished them and put them online.

Feature Description Completed Date
Commodore 16 Checklist Full checklist of all Commodore 16 releases across every Mastertronic label 6th November 2023


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