Mastertronic’s Added Dimension (M.A.D) Checklist

Mastertronic’s Added Dimension (M.A.D) was Mastertronic’s first spin-off label. The range, priced at £2.99, was intended to promote games of a higher quality than the regular £1.99 Mastertronic range. New styling was introduced with pop art style covers, with a new numbering system providing each game with its own unique number, even for different formats.

It only lasted for a short while, before being revised briefly as the “MADC” range for a secondary run of titles. Additional games were later released bearing the MAD branding (and also MAD X) but the final two uses of the name were incorporated into the main Mastertronic line. The name would later resurface when the company was relaunched by the Mastertronic Group.

Updated: 19th April 2024

Number Title Author Format Cover Art
MAD 1 The Last V8 David Darling C64
MAD 1 The Last V8 David Darling C64/Atari Disk
MAD 2 Spellbound David Jones ZX Spectrum
MAD 3 Hero Of The Golden Talisman Shaun Southern C64
MAD 3 Hero Of The Golden Talisman Shaun Southern C64 Disk
MAD 4 Spellbound David Jones,
Ed Hickman
MAD 5 Master Of Magic Richard Darling C64
MAD 5 Master Of Magic Richard Darling C64 Disk
MAD 6 Unknown
MAD 7 The Last V8 Amstrad
MAD 8 Knight Tyme (128k version) David Jones ZX Spectrum
MAD 9 Spellbound David Jones,
Richard Darling
MAD 9 Five-A-Side Soccer Ken Grant C64
MAD 9 Five-A-Side Soccer Amstrad
MAD 10 Unknown
MAD 11 The Last V8 Atari
MAD 12 Bandits At Zero Shaun Southern C16 C16 - Bandits At Zero
MAD 13 Unknown
MAD 14 Sport Of Kings ZX Spectrum
MAD 15 Knight Tyme David Jones ZX Spectrum
MAD 16 Con-Quest ZX Spectrum
MAD 17 Master Of Magic ZX Spectrum
MAD 18 Spellbound Atari
MAD 19 Knight Tyme Amstrad
MAD 20 Knight Tyme MSX
MAD 21 Con-Quest Amstrad
MAD 22 Unknown
MAD 23 Spellbound (128k version) David Jones ZX Spectrum
MAD 24 Hero Of The Golden Talisman Amstrad


Number Title Author Format Cover Art
MADC 1 Countdown To Meltdown C64
MADC 2 Delta Wing ZX Spectrum
MADC 3 Ice Palace C64
MADC 4 Hole In One C64
MADC 5 Unknown
MADC 6 180 ZX Spectrum
MADC 7 180 C64
MADC 8 180 Amstrad


  • There are a few gaps in the list where no game seems to be on record. This seems to be a common issue across most Mastertronic ranges and we assume that this is where games were planned for release but were cancelled.
  • There are three titles with the number MAD 9. A quirk of numbering resulted in both the C64 and Amstrad versions of Five-A-Side Soccer being assigned the same number, but this had already been used previously for Spellbound. With the gaps, it is quite possible that the C64 version of Spellbound was intended to be MAD 6, and Five-A-Side Soccer for the Amstrad was meant to be MAD 10 which seems to be more logical.
  • Some conversions appeared in the regular Mastertronic range rather than in the M.A.D range (such as the enhanced Commodore 128 version of The Last V8). As such they are not currently listed here.
  • As with the first MAD range, the MADC numbering continued to use an individual number for each format.
  • The MADC range might have been established primarily to re-release games from Creative Sparks as the first three games in the range are by them. It does make sense adding the C suffix to the MAD numbering, but these are the only games featured. Wing Commander, in the normal Mastertronic range, is also a Creative Sparks title and was released at the same time the MADC range started and may have been intended for this range as well (possibly the missing number 5).
  • The Atari and MSX versions of 180 both appear in the regular Mastertronic range, but still use MAD branding. The same applied to the Commodore 64 version of Con-Quest.

We will be expanding both of these list over time with more details, cover art and links to reviews.

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