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While not as popular as the other 8-bit systems in the 1980s, Mastertronic still catered for Acorn’s BBC and Electron computers. Even though both were mainly dominant in the education sector, they were both still well supported in the games department from a number of developers. In fact many gaming classics started on the platform. So it’s no surprise that Mastertronic supported them for so long.

In fact, they not only released games on their main range, but a couple of their sub-labels as well, and even games on disk. Thanks to members of the Acorn Computer and BBC Micro Enthusiasts Facebook group for assistance with this list.

Updated: 13th March 2024


Number Title Author Format Sales Cover Art
IB0002 Vegas Jackpot Mark J Brady (cover) BBC/Electron 17,022
IB0012 Starmaze 2 Mark J Brady (cover) BBC 17,081
IB0012 Starmaze 2 Mark J Brady (cover) Electron 9,413
IB0021 Spectipede BBC 14,818
IB0021 Spectipede Electron 9,576
IB0041 Thunderball BBC 9,989
IB0047 Challenger John Walsh BBC 10,639
IB0096 Kane Mike Woodbridge,
John Smyth (cover)
BBC 25,439
IB0097 Walk The Plank Electron 9,739
IB0107 Galactic Patrol A G Cartlidge BBC/Electron 25,752
N/A Megaplay Volume 1 (tape) Various BBC/Electron 1,843
N/A Megaplay Volume 1 (disk) Various BBC/Electron 1,481


Title Author Original Publisher Format Sales Cover Art
Beach Head US Gold BBC/Electron 1,482
Bounty Bob Strikes Back BBC
Questprobe featuring The Hulk Scott Adams Adventure International BBC
Questprobe featuring The Hulk Scott Adams Adventure International Electron
Questprobe: Spider-Man Scott Adams Adventure International BBC


Number Title Original Publisher Sales Cover Art
RB 001 Geoff Capes Strongman Martech 7,707
RB 002 Gisburne’s Castle Martech 6,544
RB 004 Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge Martech 7,560
RB 005 Eddie Kidd’s Jump Challenge Martech 8,082
RB 009 Jetpac Ultimate Play The Game 5,620
RB 010 Knight Lore Ultimate Play The Game 3,183
RB 011 Alien 8 Ultimate Play The Game 721
RB 012 Nightshade Ultimate Play The Game 2,910
RB 018 Way Of The Exploding Fist Melbourne House 5,371

PAL Developments

Number Title Author Format Sales Cover Art
PAL 8 Tetris BBC/Electron 1,198

This range has Mastertronic Plus branded packaging but uses a unique numbering system prefixed with “PALxx” for all the titles. It is relatively small, with under 20 titles and some gaps that we are aware of but covers 8-bit and 16-bit games. While it has no formal name, we have named this after the software company PAL Developments who were contracted by Virgin Mastertronic to develop a number of games for them. They created most of the games for this range although there were a number of licensed titles amongst them as well. The company underwent numerous name changes during it’s lifetime, including Palmer Acoustics Ltd where the initials would have originated.

We will be expanding this checklist over time with more details, cover art and links to reviews.

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