Mastervision VHS Checklist

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Mastervision was the VHS video range launched by Mastertronic in 1987. Approximately 60 cassettes were released at the bargain price of £4.99 each spanning a range of genres. Each was licensed from other companies, many themselves were budget priced distributors so there were no titles exclusive to the range.

List Updated: 11th June 2024

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Number Title Cover
MV001 Supervan
MV002 Dynamite Chicken
MV003 Curley And His Gang
MV005 A Gift For Heidi
MV007 Getting Even
MV008 The Exterminator
MV012 Triumphs Of A Man Called Horse
MV013 Jack And The Beanstalk
MV020 Creepshow
MV021 A Force Of One
MV022 The Octagon
MV023 Rock, Rock, Rock Mastervision - Rock Rock Rock
MV024 Gone In 60 Seconds II Gone In 60 Seconds II
MV025 Rooster
MV026 Target Eagle
MV027 Brainwaves
MV029 Heat Of The 60s
MV030 Heat Of The 70s
MV031 The Little Train: All The Fun Of The Toy Room
MV032 The Brave Frog: A Very Froggy Affair
MV033 Codename: Robotech
MV034 Captain Future: Special Agents and Alien Cut-Throats
MV035 Speed Racer: The Demon Acrobats
MV036 The Thalian Space Wars
MV037 Space Quest For F-01
MV038 Heat Of The 30s
MV041 Flower Angel
MV042 The Adventures Of Pinocchio
MV044 The World Of The Talisman
MV045 The Brave Frog’s Greatest Adventure
MV046 Speed Racer: The Secret Car
MV047 An Evening With Tom Jones
MV047A Tom Jones: Live In Las Vegas
MV050 Angel Cloud
MV051 An Evening With Tony Bennett with Nancy Wilson An Evening With Tony Bennett
MV052 Hey… Abbott! Hey Abbott
MV055 King Arthur
MV056 Space Angel – Project Hero
MV057 Clutch Cargo: Operation Moonbeam MV057 Clutch Cargo Operation Moonbeam - Front
MV059 Candy Candy
MV059 Sport Over The Edge MV059 Sport Over The Edge - Front

Confirmed Releases

We are still searching daily to trace information on the remaining titles missing from the list. While not listed above, we have solid information on the existence of Felix The Cat mentioned by Mastertronic themselves in an article about the range.

Possible Releases

As part of our research, we have found a few tapes in the “An Evening With…” series in the Mastervision range. There are several others that we are aware of and we are working hard to determine whether or not Mastervision versions of these exist as well. They cover the following artists: Fats Domino, Roberta Flack, Roger Whittaker and Jack Jones.

Since discovering Tom Jones: Live In Las Vegas, there is now also the possibility of variants for other tapes existing in the range so there may be more tapes that we are unaware of.


As with their main video game range (whose packaging was also produced by Words & Pictures in London), there is a slight discrepancy in the numbering as you can see with two cassettes having the same number assigned to them (MV059).


If there are any other details about the releases that you want us to add to the checklist, please let us know using the Contact Form.