Infocom Checklist

As well as re-releasing 8-bit budget games on cassette through labels such as Ricochet, Mastertronic licensed a large number of text adventures from Activision from legendary publisher Infocom and created a dedicated range just for their games. While there were only 10 titles, they selected some of the best games to have come from the company.

Updated 16th March 2024

Number Title Author Format Sales Cover Art
1 The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Amiga 4,099
1 The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Atari ST 2,477
1 The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy PC 2,089
2 Zork I Amiga 1,276
2 Zork I Atari ST 929
2 Zork I PC 883
3 Planetfall Amiga 1,680
3 Planetfall Atari ST 679
3 Planetfall PC 907
4 Wishbringer Amiga 1,388
4 Wishbringer Atari ST 624
4 Wishbringer PC 972
5 Leather Godesses Of Phobos Amiga 2,723
5 Leather Godesses Of Phobos Atari ST 1,347
5 Leather Godesses Of Phobos PC 1,784
6 Zork II Amiga 1,407
6 Zork II Atari ST 535
6 Zork II PC 694
7 Zork III Amiga 931
7 Zork III Atari ST N/A
7 Zork III PC 614
8 Enchanter Amiga N/A
8 Enchanter Atari ST N/A
8 Enchanter PC N/A
9 Sorcerer Amiga N/A
9 Sorcerer Atari ST N/A
9 Sorcerer PC N/A
10 Deadline Amiga N/A
10 Deadline Atari ST N/A
10 Deadline PC N/A


  • No sales figures exist in our records for Deadline, Enchanter, Sorcerer, or the Atari ST version of Zork III.

We will update this list over time adding more details and cover art.

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