FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure that many of you may have questions about aspects of this website, its contents or our future plans. Hopefully we can cover them all here. If not, please send us a message using our Contact Form.

Updated: 3rd March 2024

Q. Will you be offering old Mastertronic games on the site to download?

A. At the moment we have no plans to do this. There are plenty of retro gaming websites that do have games available by arrangement with the copyright holders.

Q. I love all the checklists on the site but why are many of them incomplete?

A. While it’s our aim for this site to be a complete resource for Mastertronic fans and collectors everywhere, making this site a fully comprehensive outlet is a massive undertaking. So we took the decision to release information as we have it ready rather than wait until lists were 100% complete so each will be a “work in progress”. This way we can bring you content as soon as we get it, and add more as our research can allow it to grow.

We believe that this is a better approach for everyone. It means our readers get content and information from us quicker, and it removes short term pressure from our writers. We can then add content and information daily as we find it and we’ve already found that we’ve had greater community involvement as a result.

Q. I’m a huge Mastertronic fan. Can I get involved with the site?

A. Absolutely. There are plenty of areas where we will need help to make sure that this is the most comprehensive site for Mastertronic fans. Whether it’s writing game reviews, helping our team with research, image scanning, sourcing screenshots or anything else, there’s plenty of scope for people to help out. Just get in touch using our Contact Form.

Q. I visited your site but was greeted with a Cookie Notice pop up. This sort of thing puts me off visiting any site so why is it on yours?

A. Almost every single website uses cookies of one degree or another, whether they realise it or not. If you include advertising, links to external sites, embed any content (as we do with YouTube videos or quotes from Twitter) then all of this potentially places some markers on your device. These are all harmless, but simply records the fact that you have directly or indirectly made contact with these other sites.

For legal reasons, any site based within the UK (as we are) or the EU must get permission from its readers to use cookies and notify them of their existence. As you browse the net, you’ll see these displayed on every site you visit that comes from these locations. You’ve probably dismissed them quickly enough and most will be hidden for anything from 7-30 days (placing another cookie in the process).

However, sites that don’t notify you of them are actually breaking one or more laws for not asking permission unless they can guarantee there are no cookies being used when you access their site.

Q. Will you be running advertising on the site

A. We may be running a limited amount of gaming related advertising at some point to help with our hosting and site running costs, although we will try to keep this as unintrusive as possible.