Commodore 16 Checklist Cover Scans Issue

Thanks to one of our readers, Andy Zeidler, it’s been brought to our attention today that there’s been an issue with some of the cover art images on our Commodore 16 Mastertronic Checklist that we posted a few days ago. Some of the thumbnail images weren’t displaying properly, and he was also experiencing issues when attempting to view some of the larger versions of the scans.

We’ve been investigating this and there seem to be a number of factors triggering this problem. While we want to bring you the best quality site we can here at the Mastertronic Collectors Archive, this time it has come and bit us on the rear end! The main issue is that we have uploaded these cover scans in the best quality possible from the scans we have, carefully restored by our team member Mark Leither.

However, the size of these images – both in terms of dimension and file size – is proving to be problematic and is causing a huge load on our server and making page loading difficult for many of you. So much that thumbnails have failed to load in many cases and full size images have timed out.

So over the next few days we will be replacing all of the cover scans on the site with more reader friendly versions. They will still look just as stunning on screen, but will be a lot faster to load and more stable. Please bear with us while we do this, and we hope to get this completed in the next 4-5 days.


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