Mastertronic Collectors Archive Weekly Digest – 10th September 2023

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Another week has passed here at the Mastertronic Collectors Archive. We’ve been busy working behind the scenes as well as creating plenty o new content, so without wasting any more time, here’s the latest weekly digest with all the new updates to the site…

Anthony Guter’s Website Progress

We’ve been working hard again moving over more images and text from Anthony Guter’s Mastertronic website and making fantastic progress. As well as moving images in preparation for other content to be set up, we’ve been cross linking posts that we have moved over into posts that we’re waiting to put live so they’ll be ready as quickly as possible. We think we’re still on track to have the transfer done by mid-October and we’re now down to just 73 pages to go!


We’re keeping up with our attempt to review every Mastertronic game old and new by adding more to the site:

New York Blitz – Vic 20


We’ve only added one article this week but it’s quite an unusual piece as it’s a brand new article from from Anthony Guter with some more behind-the-scenes historical stories about Mastertronic…

Mastertronic’s Murky Connection – Cal-Vista and Frank Herman – a surprising tale from the archives


We haven’t updated any of our existing lists this week, but we have added a brand new checklist to the site covering the entire Vic 20 range and you can check that out using the link below:

Mastertronic Vic 20 Checklist

Press Coverage

We’ve transfered 10 more pieces of press coverage over from Anthony Guter’s site taking us a step closer to moving his site over here completely. You can find the full list in our press articles index.

Bug Fixes

While updating the press coverage index we found an item that was linking back to Anthony Guter’s old site rather than the page here so we’ve fixed that. As far as we’re aware, that’s it for this time!

General Updates

Main changes to the site this week have all been technical issues behind the scenes so most of you won’t notice anything. The primary one here is changing how we handle links to external sites, which will now open up in new tabs in your browser. We’ve also updated a few of our lists, adding links to reviews and other content we’ve added to the site.

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