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We’ve been quite active here at the Mastertronic Collectors Archive, with our regular reviews, checklists and other content but there’s one thing we’d like to see more of on the site… YOU! We’ve tried to make this website as interactive as possible – providing links to all our social media pages and accounts everywhere for you to sign up and follow us everywhere – but that’s not enough for us!

If you look at all our game reviews, we’ve made it possible for you to add your own scores to each review under that of our team. Just use the bar under the review summary box at the top and you can set your own score out of ten for every game we’ve covered. Want to add your own thoughts as well? You can use the comments box at the end and leave your own mini review, but please keep things clean!

And as we’re adding more reviews weekly, there’s plenty for you to comment on! And don’t forget the comments box is on every post/page all across the site so feel free to get involved! And if you do want to get in touch directly for any reason, you can drop us a message using our Contact Form!

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