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Welcome to the Mastertronic Collectors Archive. This brand new website is dedicated to all things Mastertronic – the 1980s video games website, launched in 1984. Here you’ll find reviews, features, articles, checklists, developer interviews and much more not only covering the main Mastertronic games line, but all of its sub-labels, and the spin off lines such as Mastersound and Mastervision as well.

In addition, we’ll covering the expanded Mastertronic story – the extention into the Virgin Mastertronic years, the takeover of Melbourne House, and the modern relaunch of the company under the Mastertronic Group name. But that’s not all…

This site will be the new home to the Mastertronic website created by former Mastertronic Financial Controller, Anthony Guter. This site was a wealth of historical information, press coverage, statistics, and photos from the company’s archives. Anthony’s site was vast and we’ll be transferring this over here as quickly as we can alongside all of the original content.

We have a passionate team of Mastertronic collectors and fans behind this site, many with extensive industry and media experience and you can find out more about them here. Finally, if you have any thoughts, suggestions on what you’d like to see, or if you’re interested in getting involved and contributing to the site yourselves, get in touch using our Contact Form.

Simon Plumbe, Site Editor
Mastertronic Collectors Archive


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