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The Mastertronic Collectors Archive website has only been officially “live” for five days at the time of writing. But in that time we’ve been blown away by the support from all of you. Whether it’s been sharing the news about the site on social media, liking our posts on Facebook and Twitter, or giving us suggestions and ideas. We’ve really been encouraged by all your kind words and enthusiasm so we just want to say “thank you”.

We set a few goals just before we announced the site of what we wanted to achieve. How many Twitter followers, site visitors and so on. And even then we’ve more than exceeded all of that. Thanks to Twitter user CommodoreBlog who promoted us, we’ve gone from 50 to over 400 Twitter followers in a couple of days and we’ve tripled our expectations for site traffic.

But we’re not going to be complacent about all of this. We’ve got big plans ahead of us and a lot of content lined up, not just in the months ahead but in the short term so we hope you’ll come back regularly to see everything we keep adding to the site. So what can you expect to see on the site soon?

  • The remainder of the press cuttings archive from Anthony Guter’s Mastertronic website (almost 90 articles)
  • An in-depth history of the company from Anthony Guter
  • Updated Mastervision and Ricochet checklists with more details and cover art added
  • More checklists
  • Articles on collecting and all aspects of Mastertronic – old and new
  • More reviews across a range of formats
  • and much more!

And as always, we’re open to suggestions for what you’d like us to include. Just use our Contact Form and let us know or pop on over to our Facebook Group. So thanks again for joining us and we hope you’ll stick around as the best is yet to come!

Simon Plumbe, Site Editor


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