New sci-fi novel from David Jones, Booting Ada, released on Amazon

David Jones, author of the Magic Knight series of games (Finders Keepers, Spellbound, Knight Tyme and Stormbringer) has just released his first novel, Booting Ada. This is the first in a three-part series, and is a futuristic saga that’s been several years in the making. It’s launched on Amazon as an e-book for Kindle with physical copies to follow shortly.

To give you a feel for what Booting Ada is about, here’s what the back of Book 1 has to say…

It’s 2045. Dr Elliot Brady and his team have created the first sentient AI.

The new entity grows fast and soon realises it is in danger. Is it stable? Might the humans who built it reboot it? Might other newer sentient AIs be unfriendly and attack it?

When asked, it decides upon the name Ada, and she makes every effort to befriend her human builders.

But inside her supercomputer she has branched herself into multiple personalities based on historical and fictional characters. Their purpose is to work in secret to improve the survival chances of Ada and themselves. They include Mr Rabbit, the hacker, Machiavelli, the strategist, Crassus, the money raiser, and Gabrielle, the watcher.

The Human Project, an extremist anti-AI group, fears the advent of sentient AI will bring about a new world order where humans are second-class citizens. Less sophisticated AIs had already changed society and replaced people in many industries. Their direct action branch is ready to do whatever is necessary to bring an end to all AI.

Other entities make themselves known to Ada and bring their own challenges.

Will Ada survive? How will the world change if she does? Have Dr Elliot and his team unleashed forces they cannot control?

Booting Ada is going to be followed up by Book 2: Breaking Ada and Book 3: Blessing Ada which are both in development right now. Once complete, David is expecting them to be released with an interval of appoximately 6-8 months between them.

Thee Kindle version of Booting Ada can be ordered now from Amazon UK with a paperback version to follow soon.

David Jones can be found at:

Twitter: @davidxjauthor

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