Mastertronic At Le Mans!

Mastertronic 3D logo
Mastertronic 3D logo

Other little oddity for the record – we sponsored a car at the Le Mans 24 hour race – I think in June 1987 but possibly 1988. The company laid on a coach to take us there. I only have the one picture of the car. We are all crowded into the tent wearing raincoats because it was pissing down and freezing cold. And the car did not start. We didn’t even get to hear the engine turn over. Happy days.

Mastertronic at Le Mans
Le Mans – Mastertronic’s sponsored car that didnt actually work


  1. That’s a real shame, that’d have made for some great photos. Hopefully you managed to enjoy seeing the rest of the race (to make up for the disappointment.)

  2. It was not a particularly wonderful experience. Couldn’t see much of the race and I only went on the trip for a laugh anyway, not being interested in motor racing.

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