Mastertronic Collectors Archive Weekly Digest – 3rd September 2023

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Mastertronic 3D logo

At the start of this week we asked our followers over on Twitter if they’d be interested in having a weekly round-up of the new content we’ve added to the Mastertronic Collectors Archive. So every Sunday we’ll bring you this weekly digest, detailing all the new articles, reviews, guides and features, as well as updates to our major content as well as links to everything new and updated all in one place.

Anthony Guter’s Website Progress

As you know, the driving factor behind the creation of this site was the preservation of the Mastertronic site developed by former Mastertronic Financial Controller Anthony Guter. Work has been progressing extremely well over the last week and we’re now down to 84 pages to move over to here to complete the core stage of the task allowing Anthony to close his site. It’s our current goal to have this done by the end of September/mid October at the latest.

After that we’ll be able to get our team onto the task of enhancing the pages though improving the images and layout as much as possible although this task will take well into next year.


Even though the site is still relatively young, we’ve managed to add a few reviews over the last week, covering some new formats we haven’t look at before:

Rockman (Vic 20, Mastertronic)
Thunderbirds (PlayStation 2, Blast!)


A few new articles and features have been added this week covering a wide range of subjects:

Mastertronic Inc – Behind The Scenes – a photographic look at the US division of the company
The Quest For Mastervision – hunting down the rare Mastertronic VHS range


We’ve been making more progress with our checklists covering different Mastertronic ranges. For starters, we’ve added 6 more pieces of coverart to the Ricochet list. We’re also working on several more lists and we’re hoping to have the first of these live in the next couple of weeks.

Press Coverage

We’ve been busy going through Anthony Guter’s website as we’ve already said before and we’ve added 10 more press articles this week.

Bug Fixes

We’ve been pretty lucky this week and nothing has cropped up that has needed fixing so fingers crossed all is running relatively smoothly at the moment!

General Updates

We’ve added a few extra links to the side column to different Commodore 64 and retro gaming sites. One of the main things we’ve added to the side column is the Latest Posts section where you’ll be able to see the 10 most recent additions to the site at a glance.

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