Press Coverage – Popular Computing Weekly, June 1984 – HMV Advert

Mastertronic logo
Mastertronic logo

Probably the earliest advertisement for Mastertronic games and an extremely rare event at that time. Even rarer is that it is jointly with HMV, of whom I have no recollection of being a customer so perhaps they didn’t think it worth repeating. This was in Popular Computing Weekly, 21 June 1984.

PCW June 1984 - HMV Advert
PCW June 1984 – HMV Advert


  1. I love seeing all these press cuttings etc.

    Clever whomever though to put “Voyage into the Unknown” as the header of this too.

  2. One thing I find interesting with this is that a lot of early talk surrounding Mastertronic is of their unique distribution methods dealing with retailers directly and not going through traditional outlets, yet here’s an advert from one of the biggest media stores of the time promoting their games. Looking back, this is a pretty huge endorsement of the brand, even if they never followed it up again.

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