Press Coverage: Home Computing Weekly – 10th April 1984

Mastertronic logo
Mastertronic logo

This may be the earliest mention of Mastertronic. Home Computing Weekly, in issue 57 published 10 April 1984, It is unusual for several reasons – there are quotes for three of the four directors (normally it would be just one or two), one of the men quoted is Terry Medway (perhaps the only time he was ever named in this connection) and Doug Braisby’s irritation at someone saying something they should have kept quiet is apparent.

Can it be coincidence that Martin Alper quickly became the spokesman? Jeff Minter may have hoped his “dog ends” comment would be forgotten when a few years later we published no less than five of his own creations.

Home Computing Weekly - 10-April-1984
Home Computing Weekly – 10-April-1984

Many thanks to John Metcalf who brought this article to my attention via the Mastertronic Collector’s Group on Facebook.

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