Press Coverage – Personal Computer News, 4th August 1984

Mastertronic logo
Mastertronic logo

The fallout from the over-crowded market and the poor sales at Christmas caused instability amongst the software houses. Rumours abounded. In this piece, in Personal Computer News 4 August 1984, the fates of both Carnell Software and Rabbit Software were linked to Mastertronic. Nothing concrete came from the Rabbit angle.

Personal Computer News - 4-August-1984
Personal Computer News – 4-August-1984


  1. Curiously, though, Rabbit Software was in the end bought out by Virgin Games – three or four years before Virgin and Mastertronic eventually came together!

    • I consider them part of the extended Mastertronic Collecting Universe – that is one of the Rabbit holes I have gone down!😃 (Partly because Rabbit themselves have common packaging styles and a numbering scheme across many of their releases. I feel another checklist coming on…)

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