Press Coverage – Mastertronic Pursues A Pirate – Popular Computing Weekly, 30th October 1986

Piracy was a problem for every business publishing software. Normally the concerns were about the ease with which tapes could be copied. Pinching the code from someone else’s game was bound to have gone on but it was foolish to do it blatantly.

I don’t remember this being discussed in the office nor receiving any settlement so I guess that IJK simply withdrew the offending article.

Popular Computing Weekly, 30 October 1986

PCW October 1986 Piracy
PCW October 1986 Piracy


  1. The saga of “Harry Price” is a well known one in the ZX Spectrum community. It’s not believed to be his real name, but he was notorious for hacking into a lot of games at the time, making minor changes to the graphics or title screens and then submitting them to other publishers. It’s not known how many times he got away with it before he was found out.

  2. In fact, he also stole and sold modified versions of Caves Of Doom, One Man and His Droid and Molecule Man but I would say that he managed to slip these three under the radar of Mastertronic at the time.

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