Press Coverage – Special Feature On Mastertronic – Amstrad Action, April 1986

Amstrad Action, then a relatively new publication, produced this major feature on Mastertronic in April 1986.

The “Mastertronic Team” pictured below is Colin Johnson, our PR manager, looking much more relaxed (and hirsute) than when he was in his Mad Hatter’s garb, Jon Young who worked in the games testing section, PR assistant Alison Beasley (name misspelt as usual) and David Jones, author of Spellbound, Knight-Tyme and others (who was entirely freelance).

Alan Sharam’s quote that programmers got royalties “within 6-8 weeks of the games hitting the streets” is fantasy. And I should know. I was the one who paid them, and we did it quarterly, regardless of any “street hitting” dates.

The photos of Jones, Ed Hickman and Stephen Curtis on page 3 of the feature (below) are clearly those used for our ad in PCW a couple of months earlier.

Apologies for the poor quality of the text. If you want to read a better scan, try the source at The article ran over three pages with the big banner over the first two, rather hard to reproduce within the layout of this web page.

Amstrad Action April 1986 Feature
Amstrad Action April 1986 Feature

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